The CV Service management services are a complete assistance designed to take charge of the most common logistic aspect of the assignment and allow the client to concentrate on his project without administrative distractions. We report below some of the key services provided for the mobilization of the resource:


  • Occupational medicine
    • Booking of medical visits to our affiliated studios.
    • Booking of any vaccinations and tests required for entry into foreign countries.


  • Documentation
    • Booking and management of visa applications
    • Booking and management in reference to the request for Italian and foreign passports
    • Management for the work permit request
    • Management for all the documentation necessary for the entry of the various EU and non-EU countries
    • Development of documentation for the yard or work site entrance.


  • Travel arrangements and housing assistance
    • CV Service takes care of the travel and accommodation organization of each Technician, always trying to match the needs of the worker and those of the client. For us, mobilization is an important point in resource management. For this reason the CV Service team is supported by an active travel agency 7 days out of 7 x H24.


  • Clothes and work tools
    • CV Service takes care of evaluating which tools may be necessary for the worker in the field and deliver them directly to the technician before departure. This allows us to make all our technicians work in total safety.


Our excellent Management area works to follow its resources step by step. By managing every request and every need in the best possible way both by the technician and by the end customer.
Strong enthusiasm, focus on the goal and a high “problem-solving” response are just some of the features that make our department unique.